We offer Reiki training from beginners at Reiki level one, to Practitioner and Master Teacher Level.


Our Reiki training is thorough and will prepare you to work with Reiki at all levels.  Facilitated by Reiki Master/Teacher Joanne Britton, each training course for the three levels of Usui Reiki are held over a weekend and full continued support is offered to you after your training weekends.  All training at the Academy is fully accredited and your certificate at Reiki level two will allow you to obtain professional practice insurance so that you may begin to offer treatments to clients.
You will be learning Traditional Usui Reiki, which has a purity and simplicity typical of the original Japanese practice.
Reiki is the connection between the divine life force energy “Rei” and “Ki” personal energy. Reiki, as practised in the Western world, is a system of healing for the self and of others, using this “universal life energy”.

Reiki 1 - Connect & Self-Healing

Anyone can learn Reiki, all you need is an open mind and an interested in exploring this amazing energy method of healing.

On your 1st Degree Reiki training, you will learn how to connect deeply to the universal life force energy and to access this for methods of self-healing.  The healing practices and meditations that you learn will bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to your life, more contentment and inner harmony.

You will notice that after a time of connecting to your Reiki practice, that you feel more positive, more generally relaxed and better able to manage everyday life. You will also learn how to offer Reiki healing to your friends, family and even your pets!

Learning about and connecting to Reiki will help you to de-stress and find a space of peace within that is there for you at any time.  Reiki is a spiritual practice, yet it is free from dogma, rules or religious belief.

Whatever tradition/religion you may follow, Reiki will complement it easily as it is non-denominational. Working with the energy everyday, and following the Reiki Precepts will help you to stay grounded and calm each day.

Reiki 1 Training Dates


Saturday 7th September & Sunday 8th September 2024

Fee - £140

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