Life Alignment - A Transformative Journey to Navigate the Path to Inner Harmony

life-alignment-sessionLife Alignment is where the art of well-being becomes a profound journey of aligning the intricate threads of your mind, body and spirit.
Over 12 years ago, Zena found herself at a crossroads - a moment of transition when her daughter moved into her own home, leaving her feeling adrift and yearning for a deeper connection with her own purpose.
Life Alignment introduced Zena to the powerful realms of energy balancing, chakra alignment and emotional release.  It is not merely about alleviating symptoms, but is about understanding the interconnected nature of your experiences and finding equilibrium in the dynamic flow of life.  Zena is now passionate about the process and works with clients to create incredible changes.
More than a therapy, it is a holistic voyage into the realms of self-discovery and transformation.  Imagine each session as a tailored exploration, guiding you through the labyrinth of your experiences to uncover and address the underlying roots that may be hindering your path to a more fulfilling life.
At the heart of Life Alignment lies the concept of connecting with your higher self, a profound conversation with the deepest layers of your being.  This isn't a quick fix; its an immersive journey, a dialogue that unveils layers of your own wisdom, often left unexplored.
This therapy offers a bespoke perspective on healing, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.  It is a collaborative process that empowers you to reclaim control over your well-being.
If you're seeking more than just a surface-level intervention and are ready to embark on a more extensive exploration of your inner landscape, then this therapy is what you are looking for!


A session of Life Alignment with Zena is for 90 minutes

and the fee is £90