The Akashic Records – Unveiling Your Path to Healing and Harmony


The Akashic Records exist in a sacred place where the stories of your soul’s journey unfold across lifetimes.  This therapeutic experience guides you on a journey where the wisdom of your past experiences awaits to guide you toward resolution and growth in your current life.
The term Akashic is rooted in the Sanskrit word “akasha” which translates as “ether” or “atmosphere.” Therefore, the Akashic Records are thought to exist in the ether i.e., within the non-physical plane of existence.
The Akashic Records can be described as an energetic library, that contains the records of everything that has ever existed or taken place, human lifetimes as well as the record of all universal events and experiences, together with the thoughts, words, emotions, and intent to have ever to occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms.
Visualise this as a cosmic library, brimming with insights that can help you address present challenges.  Guided by a skilled practitioner, you will travel through time to uncover connections between your past and your current circumstances.
Each session is a heartfelt conversation with your higher self and benevolent energies overseeing these records.  Together you will unveil patterns, hidden talents and understanding that empowers you to overcome obstacles and lead a more fulfilling life.
A session of guided exploration offers you a transformative perspective on life’s challenges.  Through this process, you will untangle uncertainties, allowing your authentic self to shine.  As you tap into the Record’s profound wisdom, you will find guidance that resonates deep within bringing clarity and harmony as you integrate newfound insights into your daily life.
This holistic approach encourages conscious choices aligned with your soul’s purpose, fostering a sense of balance and serenity.
Embrace the power of the Akashic Records, where timeless wisdom meets present existence.  With each session you embark upon a journey of self-discovery, unveiling keys to resolving challenges as you allow this transformative practice to guide you towards healing, growth, and a profound connection with your soul’s journey.

A session to explore the Akashic Records is for one hour.  The fee for this treatment is £55.