Shamanic Healing: Embrace the Wisdom of the Natural World


Shamanic Healing is a holistic and spiritual practice that taps into the wisdom and energies of nature, ancestors, and the spirit world to promote healing on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Rooted in indigenous traditions from around the world, shamanic practitioners, or shamans, facilitate this process by connecting with the unseen realms and guiding individuals toward balance and wholeness.
Each healing journey begins with a heartfelt conversation to explore your specific needs, challenges, and intentions. Our experienced practitioners will listen with empathy and understanding, establishing a safe and nurturing space.
Shamans often use natural elements such as herbs, crystals, or sacred objects to create a sacred and healing environment. This connection with nature is integral to the process. The Shaman, often accompanied by drumming or chanting, enters an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spiritual realms. This trance allows them to access guidance and wisdom for your healing journey.
Using various techniques, such as smudging with sage or other herbs, the practitioner also works to clear stagnant or negative energy from your aura or physical space.
A key aspect of Shamanic Healing is the retrieval of fragmented parts of the soul, often lost due to trauma or life experiences. This process can bring profound healing and a sense of wholeness. The treatment also induces deep relaxation, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity.
This therapy also promotes holistic transformation, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, and fostering a sense of purpose and connection to the natural world.
The healing can facilitate the release of emotional trauma, providing relief from depression, anxiety, and emotional blockages. Many individuals report improved physical health, reduced pain, and increased vitality after their healing sessions.
If you are seeking a deeper spiritual connection, this healing modality can provide profound insights, purpose, and a sense of belonging to the greater universe. The process can be a catalyst for personal growth, helping you discover your true potential and life purpose.


A Shamanic Healing Session lasts for 60 minutes.  The fee is £60.