Rashmi Gajree DipION Nutritional Therapy , Institute for Optimum Nutrition



Meet Rashmi Gajree, BANT accredited Nutritionist (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine). As well as specialising in supporting clients to manage the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Rashmi also works with clients to assist with balancing hormones, weight management, boosting energy levels and reducing stress and anxiety via positive gut health and good nutrition.
Living with IBS presents a daily array of hurdles, including unpredictable symptoms, bloating, and conflicting dietary advice. Rashmi's approach is rooted in a commitment to provide tailored, nutritional programs that address these challenges methodically, aiming for sustained relief.
Leveraging advanced nutritional therapy techniques, Rashmi delves into identifying individual triggers, specific sensitivities, and dietary habits. The emphasis is on meticulously crafting a personalized plan to meet each client's unique needs. This strategic approach equips individuals with the necessary tools to regain control over  symptoms, facilitating a return to a healthier, more balanced life. It's not just about managing symptoms; it's about enhancing overall well-being.
Her structured 12-week programs are designed to be transformative. This extended duration allows for careful adjustments, ensuring the programme evolves in sync with individual progress. Rashmi stands alongside you, providing unwavering support throughout the journey, allowing for the gradual implementation of dietary changes. This comprehensive approach establishes the groundwork for enduring improvements in gut health.