Shamanic Moon Journey Events - Transform and Deepen Your Spirituality with the Power of Full Moon Ceremony


Shamanic Moon Journey events are led by our resident Shamanic Healer, Julia Feeney.  These deeply spiritual evenings are held monthly at the Full Moon.  You will be guided on a Shamanic Journey as you immerse yourself to amplify your intentions under the glow of the Full Moon.  Each evening has a different theme, following the different influences of the Moon and associated power animals.  These events will support you to open the doors to self-discovery and transformation, and explore the depths of your inner world.  A ceremony with sacred fire and rhythmic drumming, you will strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and find balance in your spiritual and physical existence.

Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through life’s issues.

When you embark upon a Shamanic journey, you have the ability to communicate on a spiritual level;  meet Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, and Teachers, and visit spirits of the land. The messages received on this kind of journey often have an unexpected depth of meaning.


The fee for our each Shamanic Moon Journey is £15

Dates for our Shamanic Moon Journey Events for 2024 - All evenings run from 7pm-9pm.


Thursday 25th January - Otter Moon

Sunday 25th February - Cougar Moon

Sunday 24th March - Red Hawk Moon

Thursday 25th April - Beaver Moon

Thursday 23rd May - Deer Moon

Sunday 23rd June - Woodpecker Moon

Sunday 21st July - Sturgeon Moon

Sunday 18th August - Brown Bear Moon

Thursday 19th September - Raven Moon

Thursday 17th October - Snake Moon

Thursday 14th November - Elk Moon

Sunday 15th December - Snow Goose Moon

You will need to call us and book your place on these events.


Please check our events calendar below for all dates.

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